Do you require Software skills to become a good Photographer ?


Do you require Software skills to become a good Photographer ?

“Good Photographs are just Good Edits, without editing there simply isn’t a good photograph.” Did you just believe the above lines? Seems so true isn’t it? This is because our


10 pictures editing sites to turn photo into sketch

With the excessive use of social media, everyone adds effects to make their photos unique and more interesting. A common effect used is the sketch effect, which turn photo into


How to take better Photos with compact camera ?

Ever been around at parties, parks or other places where you see other people carrying around huge cameras? Ever wanted to take a great picture and wished you had a


Newborn Baby Photography Tips

Ever come across picture perfect newborn baby portraits? Ever wondered how anyone could even handle little new born babies? How do people even come up various newborn picture ideas? I


Top 10 best compact digital camera of 2013

  “Which Compact Camera is the best one to buy?” is the question often raised when it comes to buying a Compact Camera. We have a lot of choices these


10 killer tips for creating more beautiful photographs

Hello every one , hope every one is doing great and enjoying photography. Last week  I was going through my old images on my photography page and came across so


10 World Most Expensive Photos

If you are some where related to photography , this post should make you happy today. Today we have collected 10 most expensive photographs ever sold. Take a look thorough


6 awesome tips to improve your composition in photography

We are constantly on a look out for ways to make out photographs interesting. Instead of worrying about finding interesting subjects we should be focused more on making our subjects


7 killer tips to take better picutres with your cellphones

Cell Phone Photography can come in handy if one has proper idea about the tricks and technique on cell phone camera. It can be helpful when one is on the

Stop Motion

8 awesome Stop motion animation worth watching

I don’t know why it took me long for  updating this post on some of the awesome stop motion on web. Every since i knew about stop motion,i was so

Work flow

Photoshop and Lightroom Complete Retouching workflow. [Video tutorial]

Most of my retouching are done in both software, Lightroom and photoshop. I have been using lightroom to retocuh tones, exposure, set a base color tone,  adjust light and shadow.


Cool Photoshop Filters for Photography

Cool Photoshop Filters for Photography What are filters? Filters are the tool used for special effects and enhancing the pictures. There are several default filters in Photoshop but you can


7 basic Christmas photo ideas

It’s not every day of the year when you can experiment with the lights all around. Christmas is a wonderful time for carrying your camera and walking around taking as


Lens Types : Which lens do you prefer?

The huge range of lens types available in the market confuses almost everyone. What are the types of lenses? What are the image qualities of those lenses? How can you

Post Production

Desaturation: 5 ways to do in photoshop

Desaturation is the process of making your images black and white.  In another way it is a process of taking one layer of detail away from your photo. There are