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Anup ghimire is a self learned Photographer/Designer and recently graduated in multimedia technologies from London metropolitan university.Traveling is something he loves the most after photography. You can see some of his photos at his facebook photography page


4 easy Photoshop tutorials for beginners

Hey every one , Its been a long i haven’t posted anything for long. But i m back with four cool photoshop tutorials to help you with post production.Today i


Exposure Triangle : Aperture ,Shutter Speed and ISO

So what exactly is an exposure triangle? It’s commonly identified with the  three important components of photography which affects the exposure of your photo consisting  aperture ,ISO and Shutter Speed.


5 top photography tips for beginners

With every new experience in photography so many of our concept gets more clear . I still remember how wrong i was during my beginning days of photography on so


I am new to Photography, What camera should I buy?

I am new to Photography and would like to buy my first Camera. What camera should I buy? This is one of the most commonly asked question for beginners and


How to edit portriat with adjustment brush in lightroom

Hello every one , i m back with another video tutorials on editing a portrait with adjustment brush in lightroom. Adjustment brush is one amazing tool in lightroom. It helps


Top 10 richest photographer in the world

Photography is a visual art of natural images. A good photographer needs to be sharp on every small details,movement and emotions for desired and real click. We did an article


How to add crazy details in photoshop.

Hey guys welcome back to our new tutorial . Today we are going to walk you through a simple photoshop technique on adding a crazy detail in photoshop. you can


The 9 awesome Music Photographer right now

Today i am going to share my  list of 9  awesome  music photographer right now. Its a list of 9 music photographer who are loved and watched world wide.  if


How to easily add manual vignetting in photoshop

Hey every one , hope everybody is enjoying photography. Today i am back with an awesome tutorial on adding manual vignetting in photoshop to your images. This is a pretty


Better understanding Color wheel for photography

Color wheel is basically a circular representation of different color hue , showing relationship between different type of color like primary ,secondary , and tertiary color. Color wheels are used