How to edit portriat with adjustment brush in lightroom

How to edit portriat with adjustment brush in lightroom

Hello every one , i m back with another video tutorials on editing a portrait with adjustment brush in lightroom. Adjustment brush is one amazing tool in lightroom. It helps you with making fine and small enhancement on the selected area of your images. For people who are still new to using adjustment brush for portrait editing may find it little complicate at first but once you start using it , you will get to know the potential . In this post i will be going in depth of how you can use adjustment brush for teeth whitening , skin softening , iris enhancement and dodging and burning as well.

how to edit portrait in lightroom with adjustment brush


when you load an image in lightroom , you are in library module . So to retouch the image you have to go to the develop module. Its where you will find the adjusment brush along with other tools. Below the histogram on the last menu is the adjustment brush. when you click it you will get a lot of option to choose from.

When you click on the adjsutment brush , it looks like on the image below. With adjustment brush you can take change temp , tint , exposure , contrast , higlight , shadow , clarity , saturation etc. It also come with predefined preset for teeth whitening , skin softening , iris enhancement , dodging and burning, Buy you can always edit the setting of these predefine preset of adjsutment brush.

 adjustment brush lightroom 4

Before and After

before and after with adjustment brush in ligthroom

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