How to easily  make your image look more vivid?

How to easily make your image look more vivid?

There are so many ways you can make your image look more vivid  in photosop and today i will be walking you through LAB mode technique that i have been using for my images to make it look more colorful and vivid . When you add color in your images in LAB color mode you don’t mess with the lightness or exposure of the image. LAB stands for lightness , A , B channel . If you look at the channel palate in Photoshop after selecting LAB color mode you will see three channel ; Lightness , a , b unlike in RGB  which shows  red , green and blue. So since LAB color mode separate lightness from channel a , b ,you get to  enjoy more flexibility when increasing your color.
how to make image look more vivid


Steps:- 1

Open the channel palate in photoshop by going to Window >> channel

Step :-2

Duplicate the image  (Command + j  in mac and  Ctrl +j  in Pc) you want to  work on since its always good to make a copy of image you are working in photoshop

Step :-3

Change the color mode of an image by going to Image >> mode>> Lab color

Step :-4

After you have changes the color mode  , go to the channel palate and select the Channel a . Go to the image >> Adjustment >> Brightness and contrast. And increase the contrast  to you liking . This will give rise to color between Green and Magenta

step:- 5

Do the same procedure for the channel b.


Change the color mode to RGB back . By going to Image >> Adjustment >> Brightness and contrast

There you have your result. you can try opacity and fill slider to make further belnding.

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