Better understanding Opacity and fill in photoshop


Better understanding Opacity and fill in photoshop

Opacity and fill, are among few widely used option in Photoshop. But many of us are still confused regarding the variance between these two. I know how different it made

Stop Motion

Magic room – an animation done with photographs

Magic room is the stop motion animation. Its a collection of around 1000 images.


Easy explanation of DLSR dial mode

With a first DSLR on hand, Dial Mode will probably be a term that will confuse you the most. The first thing you need to do when you start out


Better understanding Lightroom sharpening

In post production Sharpening an illusion that software creates. It doesn’t pull the details out of images but adds contrast by making the bright pixel extra brighter and dark pixel even darker. Sharpening


5 things you better know before buying DSLR camera

Nowadays, people are more interested in buying DSLR cameras because of their image quality and versatility in lenses. No doubt a DSLR is superior in every way to regular digital


Easily remove color noise from your image

Color noise are the colorful pixels over the images. The most dominant cause of noise images are the high ISO number. Though the thigh ISO solve the problem of low


How to achieve diffuse soft glow in a photoshop

Sometimes a diffuse soft glow helps  your images to really pop out . This is one of those earlier effect I learned in Photoshop to enhance my photographs. It is


Creating a greater sense of depth In photographs

Photographs with depth are much more engaging and intriguing. They make the viewers explore the art rather than a mere observation. Today, I will be talking about few techniques that

Photo review

Book and the train

This would be my first photo review. This section is about a photographer’s perspective and his side of the story. It ranges from photographer’s thought process to his production phase and


Focusing: Manual vs auto focus

Focusing is a very important part of photography, both technically and visually. Today in this post I will talk more about focusing from a technical aspect. A basic understanding of