Book and the train

Book and the train

This would be my first photo review. This section is about a photographer’s perspective and his side of the story. It ranges from photographer’s thought process to his production phase and the major part in post production.  This is just a section where a photographer talks about his picture, its weakness and strength from his point of view.
book and train

Here is the picture i will be talking about in this post.

Book in a train

B/w book and the train

Good pictures are those that clearly define their subject. A viewer shouldn’t be bothered to deal with messy elements either on foreground or on background to find out the main subject.  Here the book is the main subject that you can see on the left side. Meanwhile, the leading line of the window moving towards the background helps the viewer eyes move along the lines up to the subject.

Another important part while taking photographs is trying to observe the direction of light. When you start to understand how the direction of light works, you’ll better be aware of shadow and highlight. You can see the light that is coming from the window on the left side; to which I have taken care  during the post production as well leaving the left side is still dominant when it comes to light intensity.

I wanted to get rid of the sign board and the vertical line (pillar) seen in the window but that required more composting handwork which I didn’t want to carry out with the image. However, I did blur the character written in the sign board, but you can still read it if you try to zoom it. Nevertheless, that’s all right as I think my subject is getting a direct attention.

The image also follows the rule of third. Below is the sketch of the same image to make myself more clear.

Sketch for book and the train

Sketch for book and the train

Another important part of the image to talk about would be the sense of depth. Adding an item in the foreground and background increases a sense of depth in a photo. You can see the iron bar on the top which I was pretty unsure if I should keep that or not. But later, I decided to keep it since it did add a little bit of sense of depth in the image.

After everything else, adding a caption can help a viewer better understand your picture and add more intensity to the emotion of story that is being conveyed. The caption I used here is “some books open a window in your life from where you never had a glance of world before.”

This is it for the image, if there is something you like talk about the picture, please feel free to write and comment as it would be encouraging for every interested one including me. And if you want to learn more about creating depth in an image, you can read my post creating a sense of depth in photographs.


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