7 basic Christmas photo ideas

7 basic Christmas photo ideas

It’s not every day of the year when you can experiment with the lights all around. Christmas is a wonderful time for carrying your camera and walking around taking as much photos you can. Lights all around, Christmas trees, decorations, and the festive mood can give finest photos. So today, we’ll provide you few Christmas photography tips, hoping that this will help you capture the moments you live this year’s Christmas.

1. Lighting



When you are taking photos indoors, you may need flash, but when its outdoors, you could make use of the natural lights. If you are shooting at night, slow down your shutter speed. To avoid camera shakes, you could use a tripod or give a base/ support to your hand while you hold the camera. If you want to shoot a baby and the lights behind him, you could use the flash and long exposure. The flash gives light to the baby’s face and the long exposure captures the light behind. But remember! Long exposures might give shaky photos. So use of tripod or support to the hand is recommended. Decide what type of light you are shooting and set the white balance accordingly. You could shoot the Christmas lights in the way you want, varying the photo composition. You could turn them off if they are dominant over the subject. Bokeh is a perfect technique one could use to experiment with the lights. Now, you needn’t worry about the Christmas photo ideas for lights.

2. Capture the moments



Don’t just take a photo. Capture the moment so you could cherish it in the days to come. Christmas setting is filled with emotions and that spark of relationships. You could ask people to pose together. The photos would be more expressive with kids in it. You could go around clicking people in the roads busy shopping for Christmas, or people decorating their homes for Christmas. How good would your photo look with your toddler sister and your great grandmother together in it? So, go around capturing the moments of emotions and relationships this Christmas. So the Christmas family photo idea is to get all of your family members and relatives pose for your photo with that joy and expression of celebration in their faces. You will hence have a great collection of family Christmas celebration photos.


3. Get the required equipments ready

You could use a zoom lens for Christmas photography; a 25-80mm lens gives you a wide angle to cover the composition with larger content. A tripod is very useful for Christmas light photography, so consider having it.

4. Backgrounds



The backgrounds should not be too distracting. Try covering fewer elements in the frame. Let your composition be clear and concrete. You could focus the whole scene instead of a single subject if you want.


5. Change your angles


Changing your angles and focal lengths will give you more interesting shots. If you are shooting a dog, get down to its level to shoot it. This will make your photo look subject friendly and have more impact. Vary your camera angles to have different photo compositions.


6. Camera settings for DSLRs

You could begin with the ISO 400 and then change it according to the requirement of how dark you want the images to be. Set the aperture f number as low as possible. f/2.8 to f/4.6 could work. If it’s too dark, set a slow shutter speed. If you have lights around, set a faster speed.


7. Charge your battery


Charge your battery a night before. You wouldn’t want your camera dead after just 20 shots!

So now, when you are done shooting, ask someone to shoot you too. And then, keep your camera aside and go join your family for Christmas. If there’s lens or camera you want for this Christmas, go ahead and wish for it. Santa might drop it to you tonight!

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