7 killer tips to take better picutres with your cellphones

7 killer tips to take better picutres with your cellphones

Cell Phone Photography can come in handy if one has proper idea about the tricks and technique on cell phone camera. It can be helpful when one is on the move and not carrying DSLR. It is also helpful for beginners who are not yet into DSLR but love to take photos. In this post I intent to share my knowledge about cell phone photography. Here are 7 killer some tips  one should keep in mind before taking photos from cellphones.
7 tips for sports photography

1. Clean lens

Lens is the main part of the camera. In mobile phones, main camera lens is always placed at rear side. cellphones are devices that individuals always have their hands on. As a result there are higher chances that the lens will get fingerprint marks easily and consequence being that dirty lens will result in blurry photos. However, the marks can be easily removed by cotton or soft cloth, these are safe methods and prevents any scratch or damage to the lens.


2. Shoot as much as possible

cellphones are comparatively smaller and portable compared to professional cameras, which makes cell cameras much easier and comfortable to handle. One should take as much photos as possible can so that later one has more options on which pictures to keep and which ones to discard.

3. Get closer to subject

Since cellphones have limited Megapixel, photos shot with zoom starts to look untidy and un-sharp. Using zoom feature reduces the resolution of the photos and photographers end up taking photos with less details. One can clearly notice the difference between photos taken with and without the zoom option. Try getting as much closer to the subject as the camera allows and capture photo with a fine resolution, which can even be considered for printing.

4. Know your phone


Before taking photos, one should get familiar with their cellphone,  have good knowledge about the type of camera the phone has and more specifically its limitations. Some users may not
face problems if they have iOS/Android, because third party apps are available for them which can help tweak camera settings. Similarly, if a cellphones has fixed focus, one cannot take photos by approaching too close to the subject. Mobile phones have limited shutter-speed range and a fixed aperture. Nevertheless, some phones may allow changes to ISO, White balance and Exposure values.


5. Use highest resolution

For taking photos Don’t forget to keep you camera settings to highest resolution (in some phones it’s indicated with megapixels).The higher the resolution the more detailed and sharper the images will turn out,  and larger the size of image file.  Using high resolution can be helpful when one is concerned with every little detail in the image. Usually for a 5mp camera, highest resolution is 2592 x 1944 and that of 8mp camera is 3264 x 2448.

6. Change perspective

Cellphones are relatively smaller than DSLR cameras in both size and weight. Taking these factors as advantage, one can take photos at different angles and viewpoint in order to add
viewer interest to the composition.


 cellphone image of smoke

7. Use inbuilt and various apps available

instagram twand-icon

Most of the cellphones available nowadays come with inbuilt HDR and Panorama option. If not, one can use third party app like HDR Camera (android) for taking multi-exposure photos. Similarly, you can use image apps like instagram, HDR FX for editing photos.

Here are some of the photos that i took from my cellphone.

cellphone-Gajuri-Malekhucellphone-begnas-lakecellphone lalitpur nepalcellphone photo of brick factory

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