How to take better Photos with compact camera ?

How to take better Photos with compact camera ?

Ever been around at parties, parks or other places where you see other people carrying around huge cameras? Ever wanted to take a great picture and wished you had a more professional SLR camera that everyone talks about so much?

Okay just let me ask you one question, what do you want? A good picture? or a good Camera? OK here’s the deal, what if I say the size of the camera doesn’t matter to take a good photograph. Yup, you read it right let me also tell you that the most award winning photographs were shot by a compact camera itself.May be they were edited? You might ask. They were not edited but yes some of them were a bit corrected. If it is possible to good picture then how do you start taking good pictures then? Well lets me share what I know and learned during my experiences gained in the Photography Field for past 4 Years.


Knowing Your Camera

Know your camera

Usually when be get a new camera out of box, we just start using it. We get so excited we start taking pictures right away without thinking. That is one of our biggest error we make in the beginning. When you get your camera in the very beginning do one thing “Read the Manual Carefully”. Reading the camera manual carefully lets you know your camera at its best, be it settings, features or its abilities. Well believe me, no matter how professional a photographer might be, the photographer still needs to learn about a camera features if it is a camera the photographer has never used before. Still don’t believe me? Next time you meet a professional photographer, ask him/her to turn on your newly bought camera, he/she will take a bit more time than it would actually take you to turn on your camera.

The Half Click


Okay here’s another tip, don’t try to rush in shooting a picture. Have you noticed that you snap button kinda gets stuck in between before you do a full snap? Well that is known a half press. When you frame a picture first just do a half press “STAY THERE”, at this time the camera is trying to arrange its focus. Once you get a green light or a beep sound, the camera is telling you that it is ready for a shoot.


Removing Shakiness


Usually while shooting from a compact camera you get shaky pictures usually at night. Doesn’t really happen in the daytime though well then what would be the solution to that? Simple, find place to rest your body or camera at and hold still. Still shaky? No place to rest at? Well then do this. Take a Deep Breath, Exhale and Hold your Breath you hands are gonna be less shaky. If you really want to shoot more pictures at night seriously, better consider getting yourself a tripod.


Camera Flash


Well try this, try turning off your flash and then shoot your picture even at night. See the results of the natural night lights! But should you never use flash? No I am not saying never use your camera flash. Use your flash where its appropriate. And did you know that you can use flash to correct what we know as Anti-Light Problem? Well if you turn on your flash in a Anti-Light situation and stay close just at the right spot from the subject, your camera flash is gonna brighten up the subject so it compensates the light that is coming from the background. You are taking portraits, and the their faces simply seems to twinkle a lot while you use the flash. This is because the flashlight is too hard, to correct it simply grab a piece of tissue paper and then cover up your camera flash area, this will filter your hard flashlight into a soft flashlight removing of twinkles in the faces. You can also let them rub a bit of baby powder on their faces before you take the shoot. After all, professional model photoshoot at done after a heavy makeup that look them good.

Zoom and Macro

optical zoom

Got optical zoom in your camera? Use it! Specially while taking portraits. And use the feature macro mode that is usually shaped that a flower icon, this enables you to go closer into a subject. But why turn on this feature and use optical zoom while taking picture? Well this is because our eyes doesn’t see the way our camera does. We see everything around us with a circular sense while our camera flattens everything out. When we use maximum zoom, move back and then shoot the subject, this distortion will be eliminated. And well you might even get a blurry background (Shallow Depth of Field) depending upon the camera. Hope you enjoyed reading this article. And well these are just the tip of the iceberg. However, to get more ideas on how to improve your photography skill with compact camera. Be sure to study the following topics


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