Killer tips for better long exposure photography

Killer tips for better long exposure photography

Long exposure photography is fun.  But some times long exposure gets tricky. Today I am going to share  you some  of the killer technique I have been using for better long exposure photography. I will try my best to keep this article  simple and easy to understand with different scenario .I hope it will be helpful to you one way the other.
long exposure tips and tricks

1 High ISO

It’s a night time. I am in a new location.  One of the first things I will try is shooting in highest ISO . That is going to help me to find the  right composition  and  focal length  in a very short shutter speed. Since there is not much light to see with eyes. And I don’t want to use my longer exposure just to get the right composition. This technique will help me to save both time and camera battery. Below are the two images , where i used the same technique.
Noisy long exposure of in ghandruk

Long exposure in ghandruk

Long exposure in ghandruk


2.Auto focus

I use auto focus to get the right sharp focus for my long exposure. Though I change the focus into manual one I get the right focus. The technique is called focus lock.

3.Focus lock

I am taking a  long exposure of landscape. I have my  composition and camera angle set .I have focused the area I want sharp. Now I will lock the focus by changing it  into manual from auto , this will help me to avoid change in focus area and the need for a camera to focus a point every time shutter is pressed. I personally feel that manual focus is faster than auto focus since camera doesn have to worry about the focus in manual focus.

4.Shape of a light

If I am shooting something that has some light source , like  street light pole than I will use deeper aperture (11,12,13 etc). This will help me to get star like shape around the light source.
souls-outside-the-bodyi took this images in F16

5.Clean lens

I will usually clean my lens. Dust particle that’s on my lens can cause a ugly dot on my image specially when I m shooting long exposure with wider aperture. Though you can solve the problem with healing brush in photoshop but its still better to get the most correct in camera itself.


I always shoot RAW. This is going to huge difference during post processing.I love the control it gives me for noise reduction while post production.


This is one of the most important aspects to get any good long exposure image. Patience is what you need. With patience keep on trying different shutter, aperture , ISO setting  , camera angle and composition.

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