Negative space: create better photographs

Negative space: create better photographs

Negative space is area surrounding the subject in a photograph and your main subject of focus is the positive space. Negative space when used correctly can produce effective and well composed frames. It is unfortunate that only few people fully understand the concept of negative space, however, with practice and little bit of effort it can help you transform your composition into something outstanding and meaningful.

Below are great examples of positive usage of negative space. You will notice that negative space puts emphasis on the subject and evokes interest in viewers.





Excelling usage of negative space in a frame can be quite challenging but one suggestion is take as many pictures as possible without being stingy about space. Do not worry about focusing the main subject so much that the frame looks crammed ,but also keep in mind that too much spacing can cause beauty of the subject to diminish. Let’s demonstrate with an example shown below.





Using negative space positively is crucial to a photograph. It can be challenging to some users while others are intuitively able to arrange a balanced composition. What I can suggest to users who struggle with negative space is take photos with lot of negative space around the subject and later experiment with different crops. Just like I demonstrated an example above with the bird, you can try different crops to evaluate your own image. This method is extremely helpful and the best way to learn about negative space, you will begin to comprehend the fact that even a small change in spacing can add a vast change to your image.


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