Newborn Baby Photography Tips

Newborn Baby Photography Tips

Ever come across picture perfect newborn baby portraits? Ever wondered how anyone could even handle little new born babies? How do people even come up various newborn picture ideas? I had same set of questions and my interest in newborn photography seemed to grow each time I came across infinite number of baby portraits all over internet. I loved the images that other experienced photographers captured. However, I had never imagined that someone would request me for an infant photo shoot. In this article I will disclose some tips and hopefully this will serve as baby photography tips for all novice photographers out there.

baby photography tips


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It is always best to check out your client’s house before the shoot. I had assumed that they would have big windows with natural light easily coming in but there was a huge tree that blocked the light so it was not very easy, considering I dropped in during evening. And also you have to assure the parents that the baby won’t be injured during the process and is secure with you. Because infants are extremely fragile, you have to be extra careful when taking photos especially if it involves certain poses.

If you do not own baby photography props, it is best if you ask the parents to arrange something simple. You can always look up ideas online for baby portraits. I did not own any props but I had idea on what I wanted to do, so I asked the parents before- hand to arrange a basket, a fuzzy blanket and since it was a baby girl a hairband. These things are not very hard to gather so it is recommended you discuss your ideas with the parents as well.


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I learned that photographing babies during day time is the most preferable and gives best results. Newborn portraits usually turn out pleasing when there is good amount of natural light. I recommend not to rely on direct sunlight though, that never works well with any kind of photo shoots. One could use indoor lights or flash but nevertheless, I still prefer natural lighting because it gives a nice focus and a feeling of softness to baby skin.

I went to photo shoot during evening time and that did not work very well for me, because I am not lighting expert the lighting indoors was extremely poor. I did take few shots but because of poor lighting I had to increase my aperture which gave grainy look to the images. I refrained from using flash though. In general, with natural light you will not have any problems as long as you keep the right camera setting.


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Camera setting is one of the major components when it comes to photographing newborns. You have to be quick and ready to capture because babies are very unpredictable. They won’t smile much but you also do not want them to start crying hysterically so it’s best if you capture the photo when they are most settled. Take pictures as much as you can from different angles and keep the camera close. I would recommend choosing a shutter speed that is fast, you want to aim for something close to 1/500s with f stop of 5.6. Because babies keep tossing around you do not want a blurry image so a higher shutter speed saves you from blurred shots.

A 50mm lens work great with baby photography. If you use f stop of 1.8 or lower (f/1.4 and f/1.2) you will have better chances of obtaining sharper shots. Tripods are useful if you are taking a shot from a higher angle.

4. Choosing the Right Background 

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Make sure that the background is not very noisy. Avoid using tables, couches or bookshelves in the background if it creates distraction. It is best to use simple background when working with baby portraits. You could use light colored cloth or blanket and lay it on the background. I personally feel that cluttered background takes away interest from the main subject and makes an image look unprofessional.

Babies are always great to photo shoot but they are definitely not easy. If you ever get interested in newborn photography, make sure to check these amazing artists for ideas for newborn photography props, newborn picture ideas. Here are few names : The world famous Anne Geddes , Alisa Murray , Linnea Lenkus , Ashley Mcnamara, Carrie Sndova , Jodie Otte , Tara Mcglinchey  and many more. Not only are these artists amazing baby photographers but are also highly skilled when it comes to maternity photography. Check them out for maternity picture ideas or pregnancy photos.



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