10 killer tips for creating more beautiful photographs

10 killer tips for creating more beautiful photographs

Hello every one , hope every one is doing great and enjoying photography. Last week  I was going through my old images on my photography page and came across so many technical mistake on my old images. So i listed the  mistake i came across and  which are tips now 😀  for  you guys for creating more beautiful photographs. These tips are random and cover wide range of photography since i gathered them from different photographs of mine.Hope you will enjoy this new list of mine and this will be helpful to you one way the other.
TIps to improve photographer

1.Underexposed vs Overexposed

Its better to take slightly underexposed  images than to take over exposed since under exposure tends to capture more detail than the over exposed image. Its easier to tweak underexposed image to get the right exposure in post production . Remember removing shadow is more easier than recovering highlight .

2.Window Light

For indoor  portrait photography use light by the window. It will give you soft diffuse light and helps to achieve amazing result.

3.Long exposure

Long exposure tends to create more noise since longer the shutter stay open, the more heat sensor produce causing more noise. Most DSLR camera has an option for noise reduction with in camera but that would exactly double the time of you exposure resulting loss of battery life. Example , with you noise reduction on , if your exposure is set to 20 second , the total time camera would take will be 40 second.

4.Dodge and Burn

Eyes tends to move toward the brighter part of the image and recede on the darker part. In post production we can dodge (brighten) and brun (darken) the different parts of the image to emphasize what is important  and de emphasize what is unimportant. Vignetting can be a very good technique for getting your viewer attention directly to your subject.


The first thing a photographer should do on reaching the location is looking for the direction of light . The photographer should  make himself aware of the bright part and the shadow part of the location which will help him/her to per-visualize the shot before the shooting starts.


If you Keep a subject between the light source and  the camera then it would    give silhouette effect. You will see the edges of the subject would glow, this is also called the rim lighting .


Different colors trigger different mood in the viewer. Make urself aware of the different moods the color trigger. For example warm colors like yellow , orange trigger happy  , enthusiasm and joy feeling , red trigger energy . Similarly Blue triggers calm , cold and some times sadness too.


Keep details out of the corner. This will help you to keep your eye from leaving the frame. Some times this works like a magic. But there are times when some details from the corner lead eyes to the main subject. SO this will be more dependent on the type of the image you are processing.


Make sure that “important” elements are not cut by the edges of your frame. They will make your image look incomplete.

10.Black & White

If you want to take black and white image , take a color photo and change it into black and white in post production. This will leave you with tons of other options.

so this are the few tips that i have to share with you today. None of the above listed tips are any sort of rules but can be taken as a guidelines. These are very subjective and feel free the break any rules you come across in photography. Enjoy shooting.


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