5 top photography tips for beginners

5 top photography tips for beginners

With every new experience in photography so many of our concept gets more clear . I still remember how wrong i was during my beginning days of photography on so many things . So today here  i m   with  5 top photography tips for beginners  who are starting out in photography. I hope it will also be helpful for people who are already into photography one way the other.


1. You cant Photoshop a bad photo into a  good one

I was familiar with Photoshop long before the DSLR came into my life.  I was already familiar with the basic and simple operation of photoshop as I used to use it during college project. After the photography came into my life , these two things moved along side. and I learned about RAW and how shooting in raw can open a different door in your photography and An impression of how Photoshop dominate photography continued to grow with in me. But gradually when I started taking photography seriously I started to realize how wrong I was with the concept of Photoshop. You just cant make a bad photo into a good now. And I am only talking about retouching . If you take digital manipulation and editing that would be the different story.


So I learned how photoshop can only make a good photo a better one and not a  bad photo  not into good one.  You have to understand that the essence of photography comes from how you compose and frame your scene with elements , light and shadow.So this would be my first photography tips for beginners , concentrate on improving your photography skill and use photoshop to take it to the next level,

2. You need not  to go new places for better pictures

Like most beginner photographers I had this in my mind that since I m not going to any new palce I am not been able to take any good photos. I thought nothing interesting is there around unless I realized that if you start to really  observe your surrounding there are lots of interesting subject crying to get photographed. Few of my very interesting photos were taken from  the same place that I thought was complete boring. Its only when you start to observe  the lines , the direction of light , the details , you will see the same mundane scene are very interesting from different angle or perspective. So my second photography tips for beginners, start observing the world around with perspective you don’t usually see the world with.


3. You need not to take a better image in a single shot

This is one of the reason of frustration for most of the beginners photographers .  Most of us gets depressed when we cant get a single good picture even after we have already click dozen of photos.  But the key factor to understand is every photo you take are the ladder for you to take more better images. With every shot you take  , take a good look at it. Read the elements. See what is not working and what is taking away the attention your subject deserve. Eliminate the distraction and move your  legs. Changes the perspective , point of view , experiment with the angle and setting. For all these experiment you will be talking a lot of pictures and if you get a couple of good images even from the 50 shot of yours be happy because that is how  you  improve your  art or skill. That how things should work. When you experiment your ideas with your setting , you may take a lots of images but you will end up taking a perfect picture of the scene that you were searching for . so my third photography tips for beginners , you are not ought to take a good photo in a fixed number of shorts. Forget about numbers and explore the scene you are in.

take more photos

4. You don’t need a better camera

The camera you own now is probably the best camera for you for now , so stop worrying about the extreme freature your camera don’t have and try to achieve the result you want with the camera and accessories  you have. I always though  that I deserve a better camera until when I came across with images that were taken with the camera I use . I thought I haven’t yet used my camera upto its full potential.  If you are suffering from the same feeling then I would personaly suggest you to log into 500px.com and search for the images with your camera name or lens  and then you will see some spectacular images taken from the same camera or accessories and may be that can inspire  you better like it inspired  me.So my forth photography tips for beginners , explore the camera you have. If there is any limitation , then its on your imagination, not in your camera.



5.You are  creative and you can take better pictures

Most of us have suffered from this lie that we often tell our self and we end up believing the same. Do u know what creativity is , it’s a repetation of the craft of effort you put into something that it ends up being a second nature of yours. When you try and try and try,  you take better and creative pictures . when you tell yourself that you aren’t creative and stop tryng that’s when you stop a creative nature inside you from growing. So my fifth photography tips for beginners , stop telling yourself that you are not creative and go out and shoot , get inspired , share what you know , ask what you dont knw and enjoy photography.

you are creative

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