How to add crazy details in photoshop.

How to add crazy details in photoshop.

Hey guys welcome back to our new tutorial . Today we are going to walk you through a simple photoshop technique on adding a crazy detail in photoshop. you can check my earlier post on adding details in portrait and adding details in landscape . Today this will be a new technique you can use to add crazy details in your image. I recently learned about this technique and i cant wait to share with you guys.

crazy detail in photoshop



The first step would be duplicating the background layer two times , press command+ j in mac or Ctrl+j in pc. Label the layer with any suitable name

Step 2.

The second step would be selecting the top two layer and grouping them with keyboard shortcut Command + g  in mac and Ctrl+g in Pc.Label the group name  Detail And change the blending mode of group to Overlay


The third step would be selecting the top layer of the group and changing the blending mode to Vivid light. Now invert the same layer by pressing Command + I in mac and Ctrl+I in pc


The fourth step would be selecting the same top layer and converting it to the smart filter. What smart filter does is, it make a layer smart , meaning there by you can tweak  the  setting of any filter effect  you apply.


The final step is applying the surface blur to the amount you think would look suitable in your image.The reason we use surface blur is. surface blur preserve the edge details of the image.

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