Add a light to your portraits.

Add a light to your portraits.

Hello everyone today i will be waking you through a small and easy tutorial on adding a light to your portraits. When it comes to portraits , its the eyes and the face of the person that distinguish the images. You should remember that our eyes tends to move towards the brighter part of the images . Adding a right amount of light in persons face can really make a big difference to your image. Add light in your image


Step 1:-

Create a new layer

Step 2:-

Select brush tool (b)

Step 3:-

With white color selected as your foreground color , paint over the face of the portraits. Remember to keep your hardness 0 , it will give a smooth transition

Step 4:-

Change the blending mode to Soft light

Step 5:-

Change the opacity and fill to achieve the desire effect. you can also work with blend if option. Double click on the layer where you have painted white and drag the slider under “Underline layer ” with alt key selected. This will take away the effect from the shadow part and will help you the blend the effect better. Experiment with the other slider to get as well to get complete control over the applied effect.
You can use Eraser (e) tool to erase out the unnecessary part of the effect.

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