Color modes: RGB and CMYK in photoshop

Color modes: RGB and CMYK in photoshop

The two basic color Modes, that you’ll most often encounter in photoshop  features are RGB and CMYK. Both of them have their own benefits  in their specific field.


See difference in Photo


RGB is a color mode used in digital world.It is a combination of  three primary colors Red,Green and Blue ; which produces all other derivative colors.


CMYK is a color mode used in the world of ink and paper.It is a combination of pigment color,which produces all other derivative colors which we can get  in printed form.
Lets have a look at these pictures , we can find the difference between using RGB and CMYK mode  in photo.

Difference in RGB and CMYK Photo


We see that  RGB  is in high rich color where CMYK is a little bit faded out which is an actual color you can get in printed form.

Where do we find these modes?

Go to the top of  Photoshop  tab,

Going through  Image>>Mode>> RGB or CMYK

Image>>Mode>>RGB or CMYK

So these are two important colors modes in Photoshop. However if you are only into digital world web and not much of your works relate to printing , you may not have to work  much with CMKY. If you want to know more about RGB and CMYK you can read my another post on Simple explanation of RGB and CMYK color modes.

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