Cool Photoshop Filters for Photography

Cool Photoshop Filters for Photography

  • Cool Photoshop Filters for Photography

What are filters?

Filters are the tool used for special effects and enhancing the pictures. There are several default filters in Photoshop but you can get others too. You can create varieties of effects in your picture using filters. Filters are a kind of magical tool that can give you the perfect picture that you are willing for.

What can filters do?

Filters can add various artistic effects to your pictures. It can help you to improve the quality of your pictures. But filters cannot change a poor picture into a better one. No tool can ever convert a bad picture to a good one. But if you have a fine picture, filters can make it even better.

How to use filters in Photoshop?

You can easily use filters in Photoshop by clicking on filter menu on the top of the screen and then click on filter gallery. A tool box will appear on your screen with varieties of effects. You can choose the most appropriate one from there.


Let us take a look at some of the major effects

Sepia effect

Sepia is a reddish brown color. This effect will give your photo a fascinating antique look.

  • Click on image. Select adjustment and then Hue/Saturation (or simply press ctrl+U).
  • A dialog box will appear. Click on colorize on the bottom and set the value of both hue and saturation around 31. You can change the value of lightness if you want. Finally click ok.
  • To add noise:
  • Click on filter on the top of your screen
  • Click on noise and then select Add Noise.filter noise
  • Click on monochromatic on the bottom of the box. You can select uniform or Gaussian pattern of noise. Adjust the required amount of noise there.filter noise
  • Finally, you have got an antique sepia image.  Sepia-tone-difference


High Dynamic Range (HDR) effect

High dynamic range imaging (HDRI or just HDR) is a set of techniques that allow a greater dynamic range of luminances between the lightest and darkest areas of an image than standard digital imaging techniques or photographic methods. – HDR is composed of three images of the same scene but having different light exposures. Using photo editing tools like Photoshop, you have to combine these three images into a photograph.

  •  Duplicate the original layer by clicking and dragging it to create new layer button and place it above the original layer and rename it. Let’s rename it as Layer 1.
  • Change the Blending option of Layer 1 to Overlay.hdr
  • Now, desaturate the image. You can desaturate it by clicking on Image > Adjustments > Desaturate or just pressing SHIFT + CTRL + U on your keyboard.
  • Invert Layer 2 by clicking on Image > Adjustments > Invert or just pressing ctrl + I on your keyboard.
  • Add a Gaussian blur of about 40 pixels to it. To do so click on Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur.hdr3
  • Now, duplicate the original layer and place it over Layer 2. Rename this layer as Background Copy.
  • Change the blending type of  Background Copy  to linear light.
  • Change the opacity to around 55% and the HDR image is ready.hdr4



Infrared effect

Infrared photography is the technique of capturing light not visible to the naked eye. Infrared (IR) light lies between the visible spectrum and radio waves. The look of these IR photos is distinct and can be stunning.

  • Duplicate the layer. Then invert the image by using ctrl+I.infrared
  • Change the blending mode of your image. Choose the one that suits your image.
  • Select Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Channel mixer, or select the tri-colored icon in the adjustment layers panel. In the channel mixer, select the color of the channel and move it to +100 and keep the rest 0 i.e. in red channel keep red at +100 and the rest at 0 and so on.infrared
  • Select Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Hue and Saturation. Play with the numbers to obtain the image better.infrared
  • Select Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Photo Filter to add a photo filter. Finally, you have created an infrared effect.
  • infrared



How can you get better results?

Remember, it is not filter tool that makes your picture better. It is how you use filters. You must choose the most appropriate one for better results. You can try combination of Photoshop commands and filters for better quality pictures. It entirely depends on your imagination to explore the possibilities with filters.

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