Difference between  saturation and vibrance in photoshop

Difference between saturation and vibrance in photoshop

Hello every today we have recently been doing more tutorial about colors we did a tutorial how how to make image more vivid and  in this tutorial we will be walking you through difference between saturation and vibrance. vibrance and satruation both are used to increase the intensity of color in images they still are different in some ways. vibrance vs saturation in photoshop



Saturation add or increase the intensity on all the colors of your images equally. It works really well with landscape but doesn’t work as good as landscape when it comes to portrait since it ends up over saturation the skin color , which result in unnatural look.


Increase saturation of less saturated color then already saturated color. Vibrance teds to avoid skin tone color like yellow and orange so it works really well with portrait. Though personally i always start with vibrance when every i have to increase color in my images and gradually move up to saturation if i m still not satisfied with my color intensity.



This is the normal photo before applying vibrance or saturation

Photo with 100% vibrance

Now the vibrance has been increase to 100 % . The images look natural with more or less right amount of saturation. Remember Vibrance tends to increase saturation of less saturated colors than more saturated colors. In a way it tries to bring out all the colors in to same intensity by boosting up the muted colors more.

Picutre with 100% saturaton

Here the saturation has been increased 100%. Here the red and green are extemely saturated , since saturation increase the intensity of all colors equally. The end result may not be quite satisfying in terms of visually appearance since all the low and high saturated colors are increase with the equal intensity.

 portrait on janai purnima

This is the normal photo before applying vibrance or saturation

Portrait with 100 saturation

Now the saturation has been increase to 100 % . The images  look unnatural since the skin is highly saturated with yellow and orange

Vibrance 100 portrait

Now the vibrance has been increase to 100 % . The images look natural since you still see a balanced skin tone.  Vibrance tends to avoid color like orange and yellow which are skin tones . Vibrance really works out well for adding colors in portrait. For me i personally start with vibrnace since i feel more color with vibrance .

I hope this has been helpful to you , if you have any thing to you know about vibrance and saturation and wants to share with us , we would love to hear from you. As we all here to share and to learn new things .

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