Easily remove color noise from your image

Easily remove color noise from your image

Color noise are the colorful pixels over the images. The most dominant cause of noise images are the high ISO number. Though the thigh ISO solve the problem of low light but it comes with a noise in return. Beside high ISO long exposure is also another dominant since the longer the shutter stays open the more heat censor creates resulting In higher noise.  You cant completely remove noise from an image at least not without loosing image detail but however with image editing software like Photoshop , you cam mitigate the noise of an image to some extent.

Remove color noise

Remove color noise

Today  I will be talking about simple yet very effective ways to remove color noise from your images.

Below is the image of a color noise. The colorful dots you see on the picture are noise, however the below picture is all noisy but for this post it will be a very useful picture for us to understand the simple mechanism of color noise reduction

With no noise reduction


  1. first duplicate the image by selecting the layer  and pressing  Command+ j on mac or Ctrl + j  on windows.  You can also drag the layer you want to duplicate to the create new layer as shown in the picture below.

duplicate the background

2. Apply Gaussian blur , which is inside the filter >> blur >> Gaussian blur .When you apply Gaussian blur make sure you don’t over do it, since it make  your images look desaturated.

Filter meu

3. Changes the blending mode into color.  A color blending mode will blend the color(saturation + hue) of the blending layer with the  luminance (brightness value of a color)layer below it


Color blending mode

after changing the blend mode into color from normal

before and after noise reduction is applied

so the before and after images shows you the difference.  Most dominant color pixel are less dominant now with the simple steps. Remember the intensity of Gaussian blur can effect the saturation level of your images as well but a little bit of de-staturation should not be a big issue when you are loosing color noise in return. I would love to see the result you guys come up with.

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