How to  achieve diffuse soft glow in a photoshop

How to achieve diffuse soft glow in a photoshop

Sometimes a diffuse soft glow helps  your images to really pop out . This is one of those earlier effect I learned in Photoshop to enhance my photographs. It is a simple yet effective technique and though may not work on every images but for some portraits it can really do a magic

achieve diffuse soft glow in photoshop

achieve diffuse soft glow in photoshop

Below procedure will help you to get more clear about the effects.

  1. Make a copy the layer with command+ j  in mac ctrl+j  in windows or drag a layer to the create new layer option in layer palette


    duplicate the layer in photoshop

  2. Apply Gaussian blur(flither>blur>>gaussia blur)
    Filter meu

    Filter meu

    applying gaussian blur in top layer

    applying gaussian blur to the top layer

  3. change the opacity or fill as per your satisfaction with the glow. Here I achieved the desired glow effect at 38 percent of opacity and fill at 100 itself.

    opacity reduced to 45 %

    opacity reduced to 45%

  4. Select the top layer and press E (Eraser) , reduce the opacity of the eraser to 60 and with a small brush size(10 px) paint slightly on the black part of an eye. This will bring back the sharpness of the eye. This will be our final image

    before and after of the subject

    before and after gaussian blur

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