How to easily add a details in portrait ?

How to easily add a details in portrait ?

Hello everyone today in this post i will be talking about an easy  technique that i use to details my images mostly portrait in Photoshop. There are other lots of option and technique but today i will try to keep it short , easy  and precise and tell you more about how i have been doing this. Hope this is be helpful to you one way the other.
Adding a detail in portrait

Below are the steps i followed in the video about.

Step 1:

Duplicate your images from  Image >>  Duplicate

step 2:

A new tab will appear. Now flatten the image from Layer >>  Flatten Image . It will merge all the layers into one.

Step 3:

Apply HDR tone by from Image >> Adjustment >> HDR tone. Now play around with the sliders to get the result you want. Use preview option to compare between the before and after image. Once you are done with it click OK.

Step 4:

Now hold the shift key and with move tool selected drag this image over the original image. Shift key will help you the get the image perfectly aligned.

Step 5:

Play around with the opacity and fill slider to blend the image with the below. Read my another article one opacity vs fill to understand these two option better.

I would love to know how you add a details in portraits and if this technique has helped you in any way or not.

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