How to easily add details in your landscape?

How to easily add details in your landscape?

Hello every one , today in this tutorials i will be sharing how another technique to add details in your image. I already did a post on adding details on portrait which demonstrate another technique of adding details. There is no one way or right way of doing thing in photoshop and its always helpful to familiar yourself with the different technique and choose the best technique for different images.  Today in this article i will demonstrate how you can use high pass filter to add details.
add details- n landscape


Step 1:-

Duplicate you image by pressing Command +j in Mac or Ctrl + J in Pc

Step 2:-

Convert to smart filter from Filter>>Convert for smart filters

Smart filter make  any of your applied filer smart , meaning you can always go back and edit the setting , remove or hide the filer. Its a nondestructive method of applying filters to your image.

Convert for smart filters

step 3:-

Apply the high pass filter by going to Filter >> High pass and selecting the radius you want to use for you image. Since you are using smart filter you can always go back and change the radius.

high pass filter

step 4:-

Now change the blending mode to Soft light. Toggle between the preview button to see the difference.
before and after adding details

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