How to easily Add Light in Photoshop

How to easily Add Light in Photoshop

You can improve your post production skills in a short amont of time if you are able to understand how light works in a photograph. A perfect combination of light and shadow can really turn your images into something spectacular. There are various ways of adding light in a photograph but today I will be talking about one of the most easiest way to add light in photoshop. Mentioned below are the 5 easy steps

how to easily add light in photoshop

Step 1

This is a picture of a friend of mine whom I captured in Manang. What I want here is I want to add more light to his face , therefore I select the brush size to around the same size of the area where I want my light to be.


Step 2

Create a new layer in a layer palate , select default brush color , you can press “D  key to select the default setting in the color where foreground color is black and background color is white.Then I paint the area I want to add light with black color first.


Step 3

After I am done painting, I press command + right click(mac) or Ctrl+right click (windows) in that layer in layer palate to select the painted area.

black painted area selected

Step 4

After selecting the area I fill it with white color by simply pressing command+ delete (mac) or Ctrl + backspace(windows) since in default setting white is the background color. The reason i painted first black and then white as the obtain some contrast light.


[ A shortcut to fill the area with backgdound color. You can press Command + delete in mac or Ctrl +backspace in windows  to fill selected area with foreground color]

Step 5

Change the blending mode of the layer into soft light. It will give you the light effect on the applied area. You can control the intensity of light with opacity and fill option. Experiment more with the technique to understand the procedure better.


If there is something you want to share  please feel free to comment

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