How to easily control highlight in photoshop?

How to easily control highlight in photoshop?

Hello every one , working in photoshop and retouching images became more technical then it was before after i understood the concept of highlight and shadow. Actually after you remove the color from your image than its all about highlight and shadow. I strongly encourage every one who is keen to learn the Photoshop and retouching to understand how shadow and highlight forms your image.Today i wont be talking about highlight and shadow but i will share how i try to control my highlight. There are lots of ways of doing so and in this post i will share one of my favorite technique. control highlight in photoshop


Step 1:-

Open a new adjustment curves layer

Step 2:-

Underexpose the image by dragging the lines below in curves as show in the image below.

levels in photoshop

Step 3:-

Go to Image >> Apply Image >> with defaulth setting click OK

Apply image lets you blend the layer and channel of one image with the layer and channel of another image. Here “one image” is referred as one individual photoshop tap. Dont get confuse with the layers. For you to blend the layer in multiple tab make sure the the image size of both the tab are same else it wont show in the source. Its similar blending image as in layer palate but its comes with an added ability to blend individual channels.

apply image option in photoshop

Step 4:-

There you have your image with controlled highlight. you can always tweak the setting in the curves to achieve your desire look.

Before After

before after highlight

before after highlight

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