How to remove color cast from your images in photoshop.

How to remove color cast from your images in photoshop.

Color cast is when a particular tone of color is more dominant in a pictures. These are usually unwanted color tone which effect the whole image evenly. In other words images which are not color corrected as said to be images with color cast.  There are many ways of removing color cast from your images and today in this post i will be talk to you about one of the simplest way to remove color cast from your images in photoshop.
Color cast removal in photoshop

To help you better we have a video tutorial on showing the removal of color cast from your images in photoshop.

below steps will guide you through the process of removing color cast from you images in photoshop.


step 1 :-


Select the images and duplicate with Commad + j in Mac or Ctrl + j option in PC


Step 2:-


After you have duplicated the images apply the Average blur on the new layer by going into Filert >> Blur >> Average blur

What the average blur does is , it find out the average color of the images and fill the image with the same color.  So here the dominant color would be the average color and the layer will fill with the same color.


Step 3:-


Invert the layer  by pressing Command + I in mac or Ctrl + I in windows. You can also go to Images >> Adjustment >> Invert. What this does is , it changes the average color into its opposite color.


Step 4:-


Change the blending mode into color mode , what it does it , it use the luminosity(brightness) of the base color  and hue and saturation of the blend color.


Step 5:-


Reduce the opacity to 50% . You can experiment with the opacity and fill slider to get the the desired look.

So basically what you are doing is ; you are mixing the opposite color to you images which will take away the dominant color tine giving you more of less natural color tone.

Hope this tutorial has been helpful to you. Feel free to  write to me in comment about anything related.

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