Easily Change a image into pencil sketch in photoshop

Easily Change a image into pencil sketch in photoshop

Today I will be walking you through a very interesting and simple Photoshop tutorial on getting a pencil sketch out of your normal jpg image in photoshop. Sounds interesting isn’t ?
pencil sketch photoshop




open the image . Duplicate the image (Command + j (mac) / Ctrl + J (PC))


If the image if Colorful , desaturate it from Image >> Adjustment >>Black and white


Duplicate the image (Command + j (MAC) / Ctrl + J (PC))


Change the blending mode from normal to Color dodge


Invert the image from Image >> Adjustment >> Invert or there is a shortcut key Commad + I (MAC) or Ctrl + J (PC)


Now apply Gaussian blur from Filter>> Blur >> Gaussian blur




pencil sketch in photoshop

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