How to easily add manual  vignetting in photoshop

How to easily add manual vignetting in photoshop

Hey every one , hope everybody is enjoying photography. Today i am back with an awesome tutorial on adding manual vignetting in photoshop to your images. This is a pretty simple technique which will help you to darken the spaces around the subject. As we know our eyes tends to move towards the brighter part of the images and recede at the darker part , this technique will help you to directly guide your viewer attention to your subject. Out of many ways , today i will show you how  i have been doing it and i hope this will be helpful to you one way the other.

manual vigneeting


Step 1.

Make a Selection around the subject with ellipse tool (U)

Step 2.

If you want to change the size and shape of the selection press Command +T in MAC or Ctrl + T in PC

Step 3.

Take your mouse cursor to the edge of the selection and right clicl and select make selection, with radius 0


Go to Select and Refine edge and play with the feather slider. This will make the transition between darkness to lightness smooth.

Step 5.

Select an Adjustment curves layer

Step 6.

Invert the Adjustment layer with Command + I in MAC and Ctrl + I in PC

Step 7.

Under expose the curves and play with the opacity slider to get the desire amount of the effect

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