Photoshop shortcuts for photographer

Photoshop shortcuts for photographer

If I have to define Photoshop I will call it a center for creativity.  And for you to better explore your creativity in  understanding basic Photoshop shortcuts is a must. Photoshop is used for so many creative jobs but today I will be talking precisely about shortcut that can help you with your pace of retouching workflow.

photoshop shortcut for photographer

photoshop shortcut for photographer

I wont be covering all the shortcut in this post but few basic shortcut that I have and that has helped me a lot. Here I have divided the shortcut into 4 types


Single key shortcut

motion tool option in photoshop

motion tool option in photoshop

V =  The move tool, probably most used tool when designing but its equally useful when retouching and manipulating photos since when doing un-destructive editing you have to work with so many layer. When you select the move tool the upper left corner will look like this
If auto-select is ticked the move tool select the object you click  on your work area , if auto select is off and you tick on show transform control you need to select the layers on the layer palate  and the selected layer will appear with transform control. If both the option is ticked then the layer u click on you work area will get selected with the transform control.

F= Screen mode , helps to switch between different screen modes , full screen , fit to the screen and normal screen mode.

H = Hand key , this works better when the full screen mode is on.

Space bar = it acts as a temporary hand key , when pressed.

I= eye dropper tool is used to select the color you anywhere in your images.

S= stamp tool, used to paint on part of image over another part. Shift + s would give pattern stamp tool

J= healing brush is a content aware version of the stamp tool.   Shift + J would toggle between different subversion.

O= it’s a shortcut for dodge/burn/sponge tool.  Shift + O would toggle between these option.

B= bursh tool , ‘[’ helps to decrease the size of brush where as ‘]’ would increase the size of brush.

E= is the eraser tool. Size can be increase and deceased with same ‘]’ and ‘[’ tool.

W= quick selection tool , Shift + w would change to magic wand tool.

D= set default black and white background and foreground color.

X= swaps  the color in foreground with background and vice verse.


Double key shortcut

Mac command key = windows (pc) Ctrl key
Mac Option key= Windows (pc) Alt key

Ctrl/command +  j  =  duplicate the selected layers

Ctrl/command + D =   Deselect the selection

Ctrl/command  +  I = invert the selection

Ctrl/command  + backspace =fill the layer or selected area with the foreground color

Ctrl/command  + alt/option = fill the layer or selected area with the background color

Ctrl/command + + = zoom in

Ctrl/command + – = zoom out

Ctrl/command + T =  open the transform control

Ctrl/command + E= merge the selected layer with the layer below.

Ctrl/command + S = save your work

Ctrl/command  + O = open a file

Triple key shortcut

shift+ command/ctrl + E = merge all the layers

four key shortcut

shift + Ctrl/command +  alt/option + E = create a new merged existing layer on the top of remaining layer  , meaning it create a new layer on top of all the layer , the new layer is the flattened of all below layers.

Shortcut with mouse:-

Alt +  mouse scroll = zoom in and zoom out

Option + control + left click  + moving mouse sideways =increase and decrease the size of brush or eraser (whatever is selected)

Option + control + left click  + moving mouse up and down = changes the hardness of the brush or eraser (whatever is selected)

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