8 awesome Stop motion animation worth watching

8 awesome Stop motion animation worth watching

I don’t know why it took me long for  updating this post on some of the awesome stop motion on web. Every since i knew about stop motion,i was so impressed with this technique of photography that i started looking for more interesting stop motion all over web. My last post on stop motion was a  Magic room i did for a college project of mine. Stop motion is a really cool photography technique where you try to use the still photos to show the motion or any other activity.  Below are top 8 Stop motion animation according to us , that you should have a view at least once. Hope you will enjoy the videos below. All the videos listed below belongs to their respective creator and owner. This is just a small attempt form us to bring some of the best work into the spot light to our viewer. We do not claim any rights.

awesome stop motion animation worth watching

1. Her Morning Elegance

2. Mobius

3. This is where we live

4.  Gulp


5. Monogrenade

6. Broken fingaz

7. I Look & Move

8. Sorry I’m Late


This is a stop motion animation from a friend of mine . I really enjoyed this movie so wanted to share with you.  Hope you will enjoy this

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