10 pictures editing sites to turn photo into sketch

10 pictures editing sites to turn photo into sketch

With the excessive use of social media, everyone adds effects to make their photos unique and more interesting. A common effect used is the sketch effect, which turn photo into sketch. Here are some of the picture editing sites which let you change your photos into sketch.



It is easy and quick. You can upload your photo from your PC or choose one directly from Facebook, Picasa or Flickr. It also allows you to convert images from other websites by entering the URL address. You are only required to select as everything else is done by the click of a button

Be Funky


This is a bit complicated to use. After getting started, you can upload your images from desktop, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, or even from your webcam or your mobile. Then you need to select the brush in the tool bar on the left side. Then select the sketcher option and your sketch is ready.

Pencil My Pic

Pencil My Pic will convert your image into a sketch within a minute. All you need to do is choose your file from your computer and upload it. Pencil My Pic gives you the choice of directly posting the result on Facebook or Twitter.

Picture to People

It provides you with 8 different sketch types. You choose the effect you like and choose the image you want to apply it to. Then click on the “calculate effect” button. The image created is in .png format. Along with the 8 sketch types, it also has 6 drawing types available to choose from. Even though it offers many different sketch types, the maximum size of the image file you can choose is 1MB.



Here you can choose to upload your photo or use one from Facebook or other websites. Then you have to choose the “pencil drawing” effect from the “apply artistic effect” section found in the tool-bar on the left-hand side. This gives you two options, a crosshatch drawing (default) or a pencil outline, to choose from, above your image.



This is another one of the one click web-app. All you need to do is choose an image file to be converted, and click the “convert photo to sketch” button. This converts your image into a charcoal-like sketch.



This is another free to use web-app. It is simple to use. You choose an image file and upload it. Then click on the “sketch it” button to start the processing. It also gives you the additional options of “dark pencil sketch” and “refine faces”.

TJS Home


To apply the sketch effect from TJShome’s image editor you need to search for the sketch option (first one in the third row). Then it is a simple task of choosing your image and then waiting a while for the image to be processed. However, this web-app does not process images bigger than 800,000 bytes.



Tuxpi is also another easy to use image-editing tool to turn your images into sketches. You can easily upload your image from your PC and it automatically applies the sketch effect. The size of your image should be smaller than 2MB. 


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