The 9 awesome  Music Photographer right now

The 9 awesome Music Photographer right now

Today i am going to share my  list of 9  awesome  music photographer right now. Its a list of 9 music photographer who are loved and watched world wide.  if you google any of these name you are for sure to get a tons of result with amazing photographs. This post is not any top list of any kind but my favorite list of music photographer. I have also included the link  of their personal blog below each music photographer. I hope you will enjoy the list of 9 awesome music photographer right now.

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1. RUKES(Drew Ressler)

Started from photography in the clubs of Los Angeles, Drew Ressler(Rukes) managed to grow a special focus on DJs. With no formal training on photography at all, this New Yorker has earned his place as the number one DJ Photographer in the world. He began his career as an official concert photographer for Deadmau5,and has managed to score a few points with musical artists such as Skrillex,Kaskade,Afrojack and Motley Crue.

2.Todd Owyoung

With his reputation of being the most well known “Concert Photographer”, Todd Owyoung’s photos have been  everywhere, including  The Rolling Stone, The New York Times, Billboard, Entertainment Weekly, Alternative Press, The Wall Street Journal, and Harper’s Bazaar.

Todd has captured bands including the Dave Matthews Band, Kelly Rowland, Marilyn Manson, Incubus, Bush, Aerosmith, among the Rockstars well known.



3. Caesar Sebastian

Chooses to stay anonymous and elusive online, this mysterious artist prefers gaining  respect without bringing his personal profile into the limelight. Ceasar Sebastian got noticed shooting Los Angeles’ electronic parties, and makes you want to be in one of those parties through his edgy and sharp photographs. His personal style make him stand out from many other music photographer in the industry.Check his flickr page below and you will know his style.

Flickr page



4. Mike Lerner

We can without a doubt conclude that this man is living it big because Mike Lerner is “The Official Photographer”, for Justin Bieber, The biggest popstar of our time. Mike has a keen eye for capturing live images full of energy and focuses on performance imagery. Mike has an additional “I’m a professional” tag to his collection as he has captured artists such as Katy Perry, We The Kings, Carly Rae Jepsen, VersaEmerge, Paramore etc, in action.


 5. Adam Elmakias

Adam Elmakias, a 22 year photographer, started off shooting live bands at local venues and now earns his rightful place in the music photography world. He picked up a camera when he was in high school and has been doing business photography for 6 years now. He now shoots for bands, record labels and online publications. He is the founder of photography and lens bracelet.



6. Kirillwashere

Kirill Bichutsky, the founder of Kirillwashere, is the craziest badass you will ever come across in the photography business. His signature “Champagne Facial”, his side project earned him instant self-made internet fame. His infamous brand tag “Kirill Was Here”, appears on t-shirts, caps  and also covering a pair of nipples(Babes). He has done official tour photography for artists such as LMFAO, A-Trak, Chromeo, and Steve Aoki, and  lRita Ora, Swizz Beatz, and Kanye West among other artists.



7. Nabil Elderkin

Nabil Elderkin’s work is not limited to photography only. He has been directing music videos, shooting potraits and branding artists. His remarkable contribution to the music world has been seen in the book he made with Kanye West called “Glow in the Dark”. He has had the chance to work with music personalities such as Kanye West, Frank Ocean, Nas, Bon Iver, The Black Eyed Peas, K’naan, Seal, John Legend etc and his work has been broadcasted in Billboard, Rolling Stone, Vogue, MTV, Rizzoli among a few.


8. Jonathan Mannion

Jonathan Mannion is one of photography’s biggest stars, and many consider him the hip-hop photographer. Live music photography is just the tip of the iceberg for Mannion, since his portrait, editorial, and advertising games are just as on point. In short, he’s a living legend, and we salute him. In 1996, Mannion was commissioned, in his first major record company contract, to take photos of Brooklyn rapper Jay-Z for Reasonable Doubt.Mannion has gone on from that first assignment to photograph ten years of hip hop performers: Aaliyah, Eminem, Nas, Busta Rhymes , Lil Wayne and others.

Mannion worked for a year with photographer Richard Avedon in his Manhattan studio. Avedon had always been a major influence to Mannion as a young art student. Mannion went on to work with photographers Ben Watts and Marc Hom.

Jonathan Mannion is one of the hiphop photography’s reputed name. He has much more to his name than only live music photography ,as he has portrait, editorial and advertising games to his side projects.


9. Timothy Hiatt

Location: Chicago, IL

Timothy Hiatt’s work is mind-blowing. His music photos appear perfectly lit, colored, and captured, whether he’s shooting Big Boi, Gwen Stefani, John Mayer, or Florence + the Machine. He’s captured a lot of artists, like Lady Gaga, throughout their careers, adding an element of historicizing to his portfolio.



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