Lyrto: a light field camera

Lyrto: a light field camera

 First there came a film camera which was termed as camera 1.0 then came the digital camera 2.0 and now recently popular camera is the 3.0  Lytro, a new photographic technology unlike anything that you have ever seen in photographic world .Developed through the research conducted at stanford university, lytor was founded by Ren Ng. Unlike any conventional camera this new product looks like some kind of hi-fi torch.

Lytro-light field camrera

 Lytro cameras come in two options as show in the figure above.The 1st one is  8gb which comes in two colors, graphite and electric blue. These can hold upto 350 images, and the cost is $399 , 16 gb lytro can hold  upto 750 pictures, cost $499 and is available in color red. Unlike conventional cameras the memory and battery  cannot be replaced and remains  inside the body, which is similar to iphone. However, there is a small micro USB slot for both charging and loading pictures onto the computer.

 Lytro mico USB and power button

Currently the photos can only be loaded to apple computers and or pc running in  64 bit system.There are no megapixels involved when it comes to lytro cameras. A new term megarays has come into existence. Lytro light field camera captures 11 megarays or 11 million rays of light at each shot. Lytro camera takes in much more light than conventional cameras and stores the information about direction of light , thus capturing three dimensional information making it possible to change the viewpoint as well.The depth with which the camera captures  information is awesome and provided that you have an upgraded software and the system (apple computer) you can view the images in 3D too.

change the focus after the shot has been captured


The biggest feature it allows its users is  to change the focus after the shot has been captured. Users can just tap at the screen and change the focus of the image. For instance,  you take a picture of  a crowd and after the image has been taken all you do is tap an individual’s  face on the image to get crystal sharp focused image either on the camera screen (128*128 pixel) or on the computer. Unlike conventional cameras, instead of calculating the amount of light of one single point, lytro captures every light detail,  from in the picture.  So one does not need to focus when taking a  picture. All you do is point the camera , shoot it and tap to get the desired focus. By removing the need for focus lytro works at a  high speed since no motor is needed to focus any point in the frame.

128*128 screen of lytro

“8x optical zoom and with constant aperture F2”


Lytro comes with 8x optical zoom and with constant aperture F2. There is only 2 buttons on the camera, one for power and another for shutter. A touch sensitive strip is also there for users to zoom in and zoom out. It is an elongated box of  4.4 inch and 1.6 inches square.Another interesting feature the camera comes with is wifi. Take a photo and upload them right way by pairing it with an iphone app.

 The new camera may or may not be  liked by many people but  one cannot just ignore the potential this new technology has brought in photography  and technology world. It Now it’s up to the company on how they are going to take this technology and bring out the best this new technology has to offer.

Watch the video below.

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