Picmonkey: Free online photo editor

Picmonkey: Free online photo editor

Hello photo lovers!  Do you want to touch up your photos but just do not understand how to get around Photoshop or lightroom? Are you looking for great online source that provide free editing tools? Great, this post will walk you through an awesome online picture editing tool Picmonkey.

These online services allow you to upload your images from your computer and export it back once you have added some changes. This editing service is extremely simple and easy to use and you will find that it will enhance your photos with even the basic editing tools. I suggest picmonkey  as a great alternative for complex editing software like Photoshop, additionally it is often helpful for novice photographers.

Here are some basic editing tools featured on these online editing software.
picmoneky online photo editor

Cropping and Resizing

Often users are confused about cropping and resizing, here is an image that illustrates the difference quite clearly.

Crop images to change focal point or for re-composition


Resize your images to make it a certain digital size


Cropping an image often changes the focal point of the image or gets rid of the negative space, whereas resizing does not change anything in the image but the dimension gets reduced.Resize your images to make it a certain digital size


Various Filters and Effects

What’s great about these sites is that users will not get frustrated trying to get through series of curves and lines to get their photo to portray a certain color and tone. Besides basic options of cropping and resizing these sites also provides users with special effects and filters with just one click and simple sliders.


No more of this hassle anymore. If you are an amateur and still do not understand the crooks and tricks used in complex software such as Photoshop or Lightroom, you are very much welcome to try these online easy to use software for free.



As you can see not only are they easy and simple they also enhance your photos in a natural/ professional way.


Exposure Options

Almost all editing online services provide users with exposure options. As you can see in the image below, the original image looks fine but after a little bit of exposure the picture is much more captivating and brimming with bright colors.


Touch Up features

Wanna make those teeth stand out without having to worry about going to a dentist?


Amazing isn’t it? Not only can you whiten your teeth try fixing the blemishes on your skin and maybe add some additional touch ups. One of the online service that provides this useful tool is Picmonkey , it does contain featured tools which only premium members have access too but nevertheless the free tools include ranges of options such as removing scars or blemishes on skin and also has makeup options such as blush boost or adding natural lip tints, eye shadows and many more. Try it for free and see your images transform with just few clicks!


Text Tools

Another feature that good online editing tools usually offer is the text tools and numerous fonts to choose from. Yes some do cost money but there are various fonts are still free to users.


Shown above are  just a few examples of the font provided by Picmonkey, there are several other fonts to choose from. You can change the color of the font, bold the letters, italicize, or fade the words accordingly, more options are offered.


Frames and Banners

How about frames? This is lovely and an excellent idea for gift options.



Another great tool that online editing has to offer is the texture option. This tool is very useful for individuals who love making their images dramatic with some touch of abstract. Examine the images below, on the right is the original image and on the left is set of same images with different textures. Addition of texture portrays a vast difference right?




This is one feature that every user loves. Picmonkey offers great overlay tools. The options are numerous and are extremely useful in creating banners and posters. Below is an example:


We hope that this post has helped you understand basics of editing online.  Comment  below for any concerns or questions.
Good Day All!

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