10 World Most Expensive Photos

10 World Most Expensive Photos

If you are some where related to photography , this post should make you happy today. Today we have collected 10 most expensive photographs ever sold. Take a look thorough these List of  10 world’s most expensive photos . Needless to say that “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” Therefore they cant be subjected to judgmental eyes . Its quite astonishing that these human art forms are worth a fortune. Can u believe it?Top 10 Expensive photos

Believe it or not … these are the world’s most expensive photos over the years.

 1.  Rhein II – Andreas Gursky (1999)  $4.3 million

In November 8 , 2011 a German photography Andreas  Gursky’s  photo of  a river and land with overcast sky was sold in millions. He shot the photo in 1999 and was sold after for $4.3 million after 22 years. Interestingly what i found on my research was he even Photoshop a factory and few people walking with dogs. I wonder i should work more on my Photoshop now . ha ha ha!

Rhein II

2. Untitled #96 – Cindy Sherman (1981)  $3.9 million

Born in 1954 , Cindy Sherman, is an American film director and photographer. She was mostly renowned for her conceptual portrait style .In 2011 her self  her self portrait became the world most expensive photo when a Newyork  based art dealer bought this image for $3.9 million. It was the world’s most expensive photo in 2011. This pictures was sold in an auction to Newyork art dealer. I guess ,  everybody knows one interesting subject to shoot now.

Untitled #96

3.Dead Troops Talk-Jeff Wall (1992)   $3.7 Million

In our 3rd most expensive photographs , we have very  intriguing photo by a canadian photographer. Born in 1946 ,Jeff wall is a Canadian artist  renowned for  his cibachrome photographs. His conceptual photo of soviet  battlefield photo of dead soviet soldiers in 1992 was sold for $3.7 million. The photographs are sold in 2012 .The detail of the photos is outstanding with so many things to look at. You can see dead soldiers , some soldier look like talking  each other.  Indeed a Masterpiece


Dead Troops Talk


4. 99 Cent II-Diptychon-Andreas Gursky (2001)  $ 3.3 million

Does the name sound similar , Andreas Gursky has his second image on the list of 10 most expensive photographs of the world. Though digitally altered and manipulated, Gursky’s photo  was sold for $ 3.3 million. This image was sold in 2007.



5. The Pond/Moonlight- Edward Steichen (1904)  $2.9 million

On our 5th list of world’s most expensive photograph we have a pictoralist Photograph of the pond/moonlight by Edward Steichen. This photo by Edward Steichen  is one of the oldest photo.It was earliest color photo. After 102 years of shot this images by Edward was sold for $2.9 million .Here you can see a trees , small pond with reflection of the trees and a moon light.

The PondMoonlight


6.Untitled #153 -Cindy Sherman (1985) $2.7 million

Cindy Sherman make her was again to our list of  6th most expensive photographs in the history. Famous for self portrait and her another  self-portrait was sold for $2.7 million. She got her this self portrait sold in 2011 almost after  26 years . No wonder she is one of the most influential self portrait photographer of all time.

Untitled #153

7. Billy the Kid-Unknown (1880)  $2.3 million

On our number 7 of world 10 most expensive photographs , we have a photograph of an American gunman . William H. Bonney better known as Billy the kid was an American Gunman who was unknown during most of his life span. His only photograph exist in the size of credit card was sold in 2011 to collector for the price 2.3 million.

Billy the Kid

8. Tobolsk Kremlin- Dmitry Medvedev (2009)  $1.8 million

An avid Russian photographer who took this shot of sole stone Kremlin in Siberia from helicopter.The Structure was built in the 18 th century. This picture was sold for $1.8 million in 2010.


9.Nude- Edward Weston  $1.6 million

A famous and most innovative 20th-century American photographers Edward Weston make his mark on 9th  position for 1o most expensive photographs. Edward was dedicated in photography for long time. He started photography on his early age in different genre  including landscapes, portraits, nude, genre scenes and whimsical parodies. He even received a Guggenheim Fellowship because of his focus on people and places of the American West. His image was sold for $1.6 million .

Nude- Edward Weston


10.Hands -Alfred Stieglitz (1918) $1.5 million

On our 10 number of  our 10 most expensive photograph , we have an American Photographer Alfred Stieglitz. Born in 1864  Alfred also well known for his participation in promoting modern art over his fifty years of career. Out of many of   portrait taken of his lover Georgia O’Keeffe this was sold for $1.5 million in 2006. . Alfred is also known for introducing many european artist to US though the newyork art galleries he ran in the early 20’s.  His collection comprises nude photos of his spouse. Alfred died in July 13, 1946.

Hands -Alfred Stieglitz


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