Photoshop and Lightroom Complete Retouching workflow. [Video tutorial]

Most of my retouching are done in both software, Lightroom and photoshop. I have been using lightroom to retocuh tones, exposure, set a base color tone,  adjust light and shadow. These Lightroom changes are mostly global adjustment. You will see in the video how i have used lightroom on the first part of editing. Then later i export into photoshop. It gets exported in the TIF format with 16 bit. TIF stores more data then JPG. Now i use Photoshop for the pixelwise editing. Which are basically targeting the precise specific area. Then based on my Base color tone  i build  my  final color tone in Photoshop, which you shall see in the second part of the video. At last i have cleaned any distracting element in the bottom part of  image. You will also see how knowledge of composition, photograpgy rules has been applied in retouching. The video basically explain one technique out of hundred of other landscape editing. I hope it will help you in one way the other.

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